James Dunn Tribute II Over the Wall II NSW climate protesters outside court II Zine Fair II Workers & climate

Saturday, 8 February 2020 - 7:30am to 9:00am

James Dunn Tribute II "James Dunn,who died on 31 January at the age of 92, was a diplomat. intelligence officer, soldeier, researcher for the Parliamentary Library, writer and human rights activist. Over a long and versatile career, his most signifivant achievement is the cruscial role he played in campaigning for the rights of the Timorese people under Indonesian occupation and bringing their plight to the attention of the world." - Dr Peter Job

Over the Wall II Duncan Graham talks with RFFWU secretary Josh Cullinan on negotiations with Woolworths and McDonalds.

NSW climate protesters outside court II Before Christmas children took their climate protest outside the PM's house in Sydney. The police came in riot gear and arrested adults using new move on laws. David Shoebridge, Greens MP was arrested. He talks to Vivien Langford from 3cr's BZE community program outside the court on the second appearance over the matter.

Zine Fair II It is the 10th year for the fabulous Sticky Institute Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair over this weekend at the Meat Market in North Melbourne. We get to speak to one of their international guests Cindy Crabb.

Workers & climate II We talk with Don Sutherland about how climate is affecting workers, the issue of workers' need to have control of their own safety and if not bringing employer's to account, also with new leadership how the Greens may affect the Labor vote.