queer, as in "f**k pinkwashing"

Sunday, 11 February 2024 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Image credit | Matt Hrkac/Flickr

On this week's episode, a crew of anti-pinkwashing, anti-Midsumma queer 3CR programmers have grabbed the mic for a collaborative takeover with their selection of certified bangers from Palestinian, Arab, First Nations, queer, and radical artists. Presented by Priya of Thursday Breakfast


This episode includes an interview with Amber, a white queer trans settler who speaks about the importance of autonomous queer and trans resistance against pinkwashing following this year’s protest action at the Midsumma pride parade on Feb 4. The action shone a spotlight on the hypocrisy of including cops in the march when vic pol assaulted, choked, and slapped resistors for refusing to normalise including the systemic violence of this colonial, carceral institution in what we’re supposed to believe is an event celebrating queer and trans people. The participation of people attending Midsumma and other bystanders in harassing resistors alongside the cops amplified how unsafe these events really are for those of us who reject ‘diversity and inclusion’, and how violent, carceral logics have infected our sites of self-expression.


Later in the episode you’ll hear a reading of the PINK PRESS RELEASE published on QUEER KILLJOYS’ instagram on Feb 6. 



Feel It Too / RONA.

Falasteen Flow / Big Rigs

Nasak / Clarissa and Nabil Bitar

Justice / TootArd

Radio Romance / Mashrou' Leila

burn the flag / _mo

Palestinian Revolution / Riad Awwad (via MaJazz Project)

Angel / Shygirl and Fatima Al Qadiri

Hizam Nar / Kokym 


Remember, RISE has been calling for a boycott of Midsumma for years - read their 2024 statement here. For more info about Midsumma’s pinkwashing of police, prisons, ‘Australia’s’ immigration detention system, political parties, and corporations, check out the work of queer killjoys, trans queer solidarity and crym.


Read, sign and amplify the liberatory demand from queers in palestine published in november 2023 under the ruthless genocidal onslaught waged by ‘Israel’. To learn more about how ‘Israel’ uses pinkwashing to launder its image internationally, watch the documentary ‘Pinkwashing Exposed’ here for free.


Want to do something useful for queer and trans people? Refuse liberal respectability politics, tell the cops they can fk off, hold the line on BDS and PACBI, and donate to:


Show your solidarity with First Nations people with your $$$:


 Image credit: Matt Hrkac/Flickr


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Sunday 2:00pm to 3:00pm
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