Genre-Fluid Music

Sunday, 10 September 2023 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
L- R: Nick and Hayden in the studio

Nick, presenter of Freedom of Species, is joined by Hayden to play some genre-fluid music. Today's playlist - Genre fluid - can be found via Spotify which has all the songs played on the show.

Sell Me Youth / Codefendants / This is Crime Wave

Suckers / Codefendants / This is Crime Wave

Fallen Alien / FKA Twigs / MAGDALENE

Can’t Dance, Don’t Ask Me / Weezer / SZNZ: Autumn 

By Myself / FIDLAR / Almost Free

Say no more / Ceschi and Factor Chandelier / Sad, Fat Luck

Hey /  Nilufer Yanya / Extraordinary Renditions

Fair Leather Friends / Cokie the Clown / You’re Welcome

Bird Attack / Frenzal Rhomb / Smoko At The Pet Food Factory

Plastic Hearts / Miley Cyrus/ Plastic Hearts

Estranged Fruit / Fishbone and NOFX

We Live Here / Bob Vylan / We Live Here

Teach a rat to fish / Ceschi / This Guitar was stolen along with years of our lives

Ice dogs / Man Man/ Six Demon Bag

Coda-Fendants / Codefendants / This Is Crime Wave.

Streets of Calcutta / Kikagaku Moyo / Forest of Lost Children


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Sunday 2:00pm to 3:00pm
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