Refugee Radio

Friday, 10 December 2010 - 12:00pm to 6:00pm

Refugee Radio features ten refugees and asylum seekers on their journey to a new land. They share the struggle of leaving family and the familiar behind, of learning a new language yet maintaining their culture, and of needing ways to contribute to Australian society. 

Refugee Radio
 is part of Human Rights Day 10 December 2010 special programming and is supported by theCity of Melbourne and the Victorian Multicultural Commission.



Marial is a young man from southern Sudan. He was born a refugee anddue to internal displacement found himself in Kenya for 10 years. AHumanitarian Visa enabled him to eventually come across to Australia 4years ago and he’s currently happy to be a University student inMelbourne, studying international politics. Marial talks about the processhe had to go through to get here. 

Listen to Marial (5.3MB/5:45min) 





Nhung is originally from Vietnam and has lived in Australia for nearly30 years. She travelled from Malaysia to Australia on a boat and thenhad to negotiate a new life in a new country. Although no longerworking in the factory that employed her for 20 years, she is veryactive in her local community and continues to attend English classes.Nhung explains why she appreciates her life here. 

Listen to Nhung (5.1MB/5:31min)



Abdi is originally from Somalia, but his journey to Australia took him through Kenya, Sudan, Egypt, Romania and Germany. He came to this country by himself and was amongst the first wave of African arrivals in the early 1990s. He is a youth worker now and enjoys empowering young people. Abdi tells us how he came to be reunited with his family. 

Listen to Abdi (4.6MB/5:01min)



Sara is from Iraq. Before coming to Australia last year she had livedalone for 6 years with her two children in Iran. For one whole year,while her husband was in detention at Woomera Immigration Reception andProcessing Centre, she tragically thought he was dead. Sara talks abouther family’s separation and what she hopes living in Australia willbring her. 

Listen to Sara (5.4MB/5:51min)



Ali is from Darfur, the western region of Sudan. He grew up in the west of Sudan, studied in the north of Sudan and now here in Australia, he believes in uniting all Sudanese, despite their differences. He is qualified as a chemical engineer, but currently works in a Melbourne hospital as a food services assistant. Ali speaks about his feelings towards his life in Australia. 

Listen to Ali (4.7MB/5:05min)


Florence is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There she was an experienced journalist and TV presenter. Here, among other things, she promotes positive engagement between the Congolese community and the Victorian Police. She recently gave birth to a baby girl and is currently busy enjoying being a mother. Florence recites some of her poems and talks about her love of life. 

Listen to Florence (4.9MB/5:18min)



Akech came to Australia in 2006. Born in Ethiopia, he and his familythen went back to Sudan, only to move to Uganda and then Kenya for 10years, before Akech made it to Australia. He flew here on aHumanitarian Visa. He enjoys working with youth organisations andconnecting with people and his community. Akech shares with us his takeon life. 

Listen to Akech (5.6MB/6:01min)



Rozanna is a young woman from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Shearrived in Australia last year after having been separated from hermother for 7 years. She now lives with her family and studies Englishin Collingwood. Rozanna sees Australia as her country now and she tellsus what she would like to do with her life here.

Listen to Rozanna (4.8MB/5:15min)




Khan is from the tribal areas of Pakistan near the Afghanistan border. He came to Australia on a student visa, supported by his family. Things changed for the worst when his father’s business back home was attacked and ruined. It’s too dangerous for Khan to go home, but here in Australia he’s in limbo-land, still awaiting the outcome of his temporary protection visa application. Khan shares with us the story of why and how he came to be in Australia. 

Listen to Khan (5MB/5:22min)



Nasro is a young woman from Somalia. She has lived in Australia for 8 years and is currently a disability carer and nursing student. A very passionate person, she is active in campaigning against racism and for disadvantaged youth. Nasro speaks about why she volunteers in the youth sector. 

Listen to Nasro (4.8MB/5:10min)

*These participants’ names have been changed to protect either their privacy or their family’s safety.
We'd like to thank The Freesound Project for use of some of their sounds. They are licensed under a Creative Commons License. Thank you to the following freesound users who created some of the sounds we used in the production of Refugee Radio: Acclivity, Reinsamba, Inchadney and digifishmusic

We'd also like to acknowledge use of music excerpts from The Key of Sea Album - a musical collaboration that crosses borders.

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