Human Rights Day

Join 3CR on 10 December each year for World Human Rights Day - human rights activism and community celebration.


Saro, Jiselle, Sonia and Hsin-Yi



Human Rights Day 2020

4 Dec 2020

Human Rights Day 2018

7 Feb 2019

Sovereignty and Struggle for Independence

Human Rights Day Forum
8 Dec 2013

Yarra Refugee Radio

Yarra Refugee Radio features the stories and reflections of ten refugees and asylum seekers as they share their experiences since arrival. They discuss their aspirations of freedom, both personal and political, their sense of belonging in a new city and their experience of fundamental human rights and opportunities, sometimes for the first time.
10 Dec 2012

About Human Rights Day

Join 3CR on 10 December each year for World Human Rights Day - human rights activism and community celebration.

Hear directly from refugee and asylum seekers during our live outside broadcast from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in West Melbourne.

In 2010 listen in to human rights and justice issues from ten asylum seekers and refugees as part of our Refugee Radio project.

You can also listen in to excerpts from our Human Rights Day 2010 outside broadcast from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in West Melbourne

In 2012 3CR broadcast Refugee Rights Unravelled as well as 10 stories for Yarra Refugee Radio