Waddananggu - The Talking

Saturday, 10 December 2022 - 10:00am to 10:30am

For Human Rights Day we're joined by Gurridyula Gaba Wunggu, Wangan & Jagalingou Traditional Custodian about Waddananggu.  Translated as 'The Talking', Waddananggu is a stone Bora ring and ceremonial ground opposite Adani’s Carmichael coal mine where Wangan & Jagalingou people are asserting their human rights to practice culture.

This ceremonial reoccupation that began on 26 August 2021 is using the Queensland Human Rights Act 2019, Section 28 to stand up against the destruction of Wangan & Jagalingou Country.  Gurridyula discusses the history of the fight against Adani and the government, how they are using Human Rights to protect country, some of the sacred sites that are under threat of destruction and how he is using music created on site at Waddananggu to spread the word in solidarity with other First Nations.

Featuring the song Gee'd Up by Gurridyula.



Saturday 10:00am to 10:30am
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