Anti-nuclear and peace action: WA & NT

Friday, 1 December 2023 - 10:00am to 10:30am

On today's program, we will be hearing from Mia Pepper from Nuclear Free WA speaking outside the Deep Yellow AGM in Perth on Friday 24 November.  Deep Yellow are the owners of the Mulga Rock uranium project and the proposal would involve the clearing of almost 4,000 hectares of native vegetation that is home to many species including the endangered Sandhill Dunnart, the establishment of 4 open pits strip mined and back filled, usage of around 15 million litres of water a day and would produce around 32,000 tonnes of radioactive waste. 

We also bring you an interview by Thursday Breakfast's Priya Kunjan with Carmen - a member of Mpartnwe for Palestine who blockaded Pine Gap on Monday 27 November in protest against the military facilities participation in the war on Palestine.  

It is with heavy hearts that we bring news of the passing of Arabunna Elder, Uncle Kevin Buzzacott – Great First Nations warrior, peacemaker, educator, artist, firekeeper, protector of culture and country, friend and inspiration to so many, and tireless campaigner and mischief maker in the struggle against colonisation and the destruction of land by mining companies and other developments.

Uncle Kevin travelled from his homelands at Kati Thunda - Lake Eyre and the sacred mound springs at the southern end of the Great Artesian Basin, to the world bringing the message of peace and healing and a vision of a safe and nuclear free future for the young ones coming through. He made the world a better place for us to be in always reminded us to remember the wisdom of the old people and work for the children of the future.  And he made sure this serious work was fun and full of heart and optimism.  He will be greatly missed and celebrated.  His family invites you to send love and support, stories and images through to His family will be establishing a place to share stories of his life.

On December 1 every year, the West Papuans raise the morning star flag in their ongoing struggle for freedom from colonial rule and the genocide of their people.  The West Papuans have been subject to state violence from Indonesia for the last 60 years, supported by foreign states and weapons corporations.  One of the corporations that is profiting from is Thales and you are invited ot join Wage Peace in blockading Thales factory in Bendigo.  Bring a picnic to Finn st North Bendigo 11am Tuesday 5 December.  We will hear the words of Uncle Kevin Buzzacott speaking at a Free West Papua event some years ago.  He speaks about the Freedom Flotilla to West Papua.

Thanks to the Nuclear Free Collective at Friends of the Earth Melbourne for their ongoing support fo the show.

We hope to see you at the Latin America, Australia & Asia Pacific Solidarity Gathering – Multinationals Out! conference from 8-10 December organised by LASNET.

Music on the show was Biak Meos Karu by The Black Sistaz

Saturday 10:00am to 10:30am
Current news and information on nuclear, peace and energy issues.


Emma Crunch, AC Hunter & Michaela Stubbs