Radioactive Pigeons and Nuclear Children

Saturday, 5 September 2020 - 10:00am to 10:30am
Poster for "BIRDS" film by Merilyn Fairskye with image of distorted pigeons on blue background

Today’s focus is on the role of various art and media practices on engaging with nuclear legacies and nuclear stories. We hear from Merilyn Fairskye, Sydney based photomedia artist about her new film ‘Birds’, a tale about Radioactive pigeons, two pairs of twins and a massacre that brings chaos to a sleepy seaside village. A story, which is based on true events related to the Sellafield nuclear power plant in the UK. We also hear from Gordon Murray, from Winchester in the UK, about the Fallout Project, a collaboration with British Nuclear Veterans using verbatim theatre as a campaigning tool in relation to British Nuclear testing and their descendants.

Saturday 10:00am to 10:30am
Current news and information on nuclear, peace and energy issues.


Mara Bonacci, KA Garlik, Emma Crunch, AC Hunter, Michaela Stubbs & Lavanya Pant