World AIDS Day, Religious Discrimination Bill, and Talks with Hunter Dillon

Sunday, 5 December 2021 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
World AIDS Day

Queering the Air

with Jacob


Ella Tooms from Wednesday Breakfast spoke to Rishaan from Community Action for Rainbow Rights about the Religious Discrimination Bill.

Jacob spoke with Richard Keane, CEO of Living Positive Victoria, about World AIDS Day, recent challenges and successes of people living with AIDS, and ways that governments, communities, and individuals can support. For more information on Living Positive, visit the website here

We share an intimate conversation with Hunter Dillon, a queer transmasc person, tattooist, and sex worker with chronic invisible illnesses. Recorded by Queering the Air's Michele Vescio for 3CR's Binary Busting Broadcast on Transgender Day of Visibility 2021.