Protests and solidarity: Harm reduction, Palestine to Gunnai Kurnai country

Sunday, 30 May 2021 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
The moment at the May 22nd Free Palestine rally workers in solidarity flew the Palestinean flag

First, we shout out to the Justice for Wayne Fella Morrison campaign, including the petition to #BanSpitHoods to Stop Black Deaths in Custody. Also, check out the campaign's Gofundme

We then hear from part of the Rally for Harm Reduction in the Inner West, chaired by Phoebe McDonald and Liz Walsh (Vic Socialists). Speakers include: Sione Crawford, Harm Reduction Victoria; Yasemin Jensen-Solyom, Flat Out; Rei Alphonso, Flat Out; and James Dunne, Harm Reduction Researcher.

We then hear from Jeanine Hourani speaking at the Free Palestine rally in mid May (follow Free Palestine Melbourne).

Finally, we hear from Lidia Thorpe speaking at the Gunnai Kurnai Country needs urgent protecting snap action on 28th April.

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Alice Skye - Stay in Bed

Thelma Plum - Don't let a good girl down

Electric Fields - 2000 and Whatever