Episode 7: Queer constellations

Saturday, 6 January 2024 - 12:00pm

In our final episode of Queerbrood,  Anya speaks with Sham and Hannah, parents to beautiful baby Jaya. Sham and Hannah talk about their journey to parenthood: what factors they took into consideration while deciding if they wanted to have a child, how they worked together as a couple to prepare for this journey, and how they navigated issues such as race, identity and gender. Sham also discusses their transition journey and what it means to be a nonbinary parent, and Hannah talks to us about birth trauma and shares some advice for fellow queer people considering having a child.


Later in the episode, we hear a conversation between Sham and Jacek [Ya-tzek] (formerly known as Ania)Jacek  is a proud non-binary uncle to Jaya, and since Jaya was born, they've visited regularly from interstate to be one of Jaya's constellation of special people. Sham and Jacek talk about their friendship over the years, and the importance of role models in chosen families.

Queerbrood podcast series. Artwork by Frances Cannon.
A podcast series about all the beautiful ways queer people make families.


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