New Queer Music & Interviews with HeartAttracks & Benjamin Trillado

Friday, 26 June 2020 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
New Queer Music and Interviews with HeartAttracks and Benjamin Trillado

Interviews and new music from queer musicians HeartAttracks & Benjamin Trillado.

  We hear four beautifully polished demos from HeartAttracks aka Alexandre Dubois, including a collaboration with Yvonn Raphael aka Yoann Pareja.  HeartAttracks talks about the tracks and the emotional journeys that inspired their creation.  Instagram @heartattracks

  Benjamin Trillado chats about Worth, his new single that he penned as a LGBTIQA+ Community anthem. He also chats about his journey as a musician, his family's love of karaoke, and his upcoming live stream performances and virtual tours of his house.  Instagram @benjamintrillado

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  Our outro track this week is Miles by Christina Perri.

  Language warning: this episode includes coarse lyrics.