Brock Galway, Wear It Purple; William Elm's new album 'Spectrum'

Friday, 31 August 2018 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
William Elm's 'Spectrum'

Today is Wear It Purple Day and International Overdose Awareness Day.

We speak with Brock Galway, general board member with Wear It Purple, about the significance of Wear It Purple Day, its history, why it's vital to acknowledge the day, and how it empowers young LGBTIQA+ folks' sense of solidarity.

We discuss the notice of intention by the Australian government to deny a visa to American activist, politician, and former United States Army soldier Chelsea Manning.


We speak with William Elm, a multi-instrumentalist and avant-composer, about his new full-length album Spectrum, his queer and indigenous influences on his music, the creative process of new track 'Wake', and Twin Peaks. See William's upcoming performance dates here.

Listen and purchase Spectrum via Bandcamp.

Tracks Echo and Wake, performed and composed by William Elm, used with permission.