Behind Russia's Attack on Ukraine || AEU Agreement and the Fight for Better Education

Friday, 4 March 2022 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Featuring the latest in activist campaigns and struggles against oppression fighting for a better world with anti-capitalist analysis on current affairs and international politics. 

Presenters: Jacob Andrewartha and Chloe DS.


Discussion from the presenters about the hypocrisy of the Liberal capitalist establishment in their response to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia including the racism of media coverage and the differential treatment of refugees from Ukraine compared to others, and how governments are attempting to use this crisis to push politics to the right and increase millitarism and authoritarianism. 

News from Green Left

Russian socialists speak out against the war

Interviews and Discussion

Recording of Green Left public forum "Behind the Russian attack on Ukraine" which took place on Thursday March 3 featuring political economist William Briggs and Socialist Alliance National co-convenor Sam Wainwright.

The forum responded to Russia's millitary intervention and why Russia must immediately withdraw its millitary from Ukraine but also pointed out how this conflict cannot be understood outside the relentless drive by the United States and its Western allies to expand NATO up to Russia's border and encircle it millitarily. You can view a recording of the forum here.

Interview with David Linden AEU member and long-time teacher about the proposed agreement being put forward by the AEU (Australian Education Union) and why it fails to address the issues affecting teachers and why members of the AEU should vote "No" to the agreement and argue for a alternative approach. You can listen to the individual interview here.

Friday 7:00am to 8:30am
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