Why Nuclear is not a Climate Solution || War games on despite pandemic, threat to Great Barrier Reef || Attacks on Democracy at Monash University

Friday, 23 July 2021 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Featuring the latest in activist campaigns and struggles against oppression fighting for a better world with anti-capitalist analysis on current affairs and international politics. 

Presenters: Jacob Andrewartha & Felix Dance


Discussion of headline news article $4.6bn in JobKeeper went to businesses that increased their turnover at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic

News update from Green Left Support grows for workers at bookshop that ‘loses staff like a sieve’

Discussion of news story Jeff Bezos slammed after thanking Amazon workers for funding his space flight.

Interviews & Discussions

Pre-recording of Green Left Show #14: “Why Nuclear is not the solution” which features former Green Left editor Simon Butler answering the "left" argument that progressives should support nuclear power as a climate solution. You can view the program here.

Interview with IPAN (Independent and Peaceful Australian Network) chairperson Annette Brownlie about Australia’s hosting of the Talisman Sabre military exercises where over 17,000 soldiers including 8,000 U.S. military personnel and nearly 800 from other countries will descend on Australia to conduct war manoeuvres from July 18-31 and why it will have the consequences of making the Pacific region a more militarised and dangerous place and why anti-war activists should be opposed to it. You can listen to the individual interview here.

Interview with Leo Crnogorcevic a student at Monash University and member-elect of the Monash Student Association Student Affairs Committee about the recent moves by the Monash Student Association (MSA) to ban in-person campaigning for the upcoming student elections in September and why it’s a anti-democratic move that will heavily favor incumbents and the pretense of using the COVID-19 pandemic is hypocritical given that the ruling group that runs the student association (Together) regularly organises and supports in-person social events on campus and there has been no similar attempt to restrict those activities. You can listen to the individual interview here.



Friday 7:00am to 8:30am
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