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Friday, 28 May 2021 - 7:00am to 8:30am

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Victoria in Lockdown for next 7 days. The latest outbreak could have been avoided if there were better quarantine arrangements in place and if the vaccine rollout had been better managed. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has used the occasion to suggest the Victorian government's proposed quarantine facility (which was attacked by Peter Duttonmight in fact be a good idea, but still hasn't committed to funding it, and should have organised construction of something like it a year or more ago.

Climate activist shareholders elected to Exxon and Chevron Boards

Netherlands: Court orders Royal Dutch Shell to cut emissions by 45% by 2030 following class action organised by friends of the earth

A class action here in Australia by climate strikers in the federal court ends in a landmark ruling that the Federal Government has a duty of care to prevent harm / injury to children in future decades caused by climate change, and that it must consider this duty of care when assessing coal mine approvals. Justice Mordecai Bromberg put Federal Environment minister Sussan Ley on notice that if she approves the Vickery coal mine expansion 'as is likely', this would constitute a breach of the duty of care as established by the class action case, opening the door to further legal action.

CFMEU flies Palestinian flag on crane at Nakba rally last saturday
All 3 branches of NSW MUA vow to oppose fracking in Narrabri in NSW
Gunnedah rally against police killing of Gamilaroi man Michael Peachey

Interviews and Discussions

Jacob & Zane speaks with Ange Carr from Homelessness Action Geelong (HAG). HAG is campaigning to halt the privatisation of public housing in Victoria and to immediately build 50,000 new public housing dwellings of appropriate size so that all people on the waiting list for public housing can gain access to a home; an increase to the rate of the centrelink payment; as well as an end to tax concessions like negative gearing and capital gains tax concessions that entrench benefits for those with multiple properties. You can listen to the individual interview here.

Jacob and Zane speak with Paul Gregoire a journaliast with Sydney Criminal Lawyers about new Federal laws allowing the federal government to detain asylum seekers and other categories of non citizens indefinitely. The law masquerades as preventing refoulment of refugees to danger but in real terms allows people with a secret and non appealable 'negative security assessment' from ASIO, or any refugee living in the community who is charged with an offence punishable by 12 months or more in gaol, to be locked up in refugee detention centres indefinitely. You can listen to the individual interview here.


Jacob and Zane speak with Margie about the Disrupt Land Forces week of protest in Meanjin / Brisbane. Land forces is a military expo for various weapons manufacturers. Participant companies like Thales, Rheinmetall, Boeing, EOS, Elbit, Lockheed Martin, BAE among others are making obscene profits by #ExportingTerror to the peoples of West Papua, Yemen, Mindanao and Sudan. Weapons that we pay for, through our tax dollars, end up destroying indigenous forests, waters and lives. You can listen to the individual interview here.


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