Mass Protest Movement in Colombia || Australia beating the drums of War against China

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Interviews and Discussions

Interview with with Andres Vargas, lecturer at Universidad Central de Colombia about the wave of protest sweeping Colombia at the moment. The protests have included a union backed general strike and have seen an explosion in grassroots community organisations fighting back against regressive tax reforms. 

Vargas told Green left that earlier corporate tax cuts implemented by the right wing government led to a covid exacerbated revenue shortfall, which the government then sought to remedy by implementing sharp regressive tax increases in goods like food and utilities. Vargas says the protests have been met with brutal repression by the police and military but Colombians are 'losing their fear' and he expects large protests will continue in waves at least until 2022 elections.

You can listen to the individual interview here.

Interview with University of Sydney senior lecturer and author David Brophy about the recent increase in anti Chinese hysteria and racism being cultivated by the federal government. Brophy says Australian belligerence toward China is partly intended to signal ongoing compliance with US projection of military force. Brophy says Taiwan is a 'diabolically complex' political issue but support for self determination in Taiwan can't be advanced with Australian Military force. Brophy says it is important for anti war organising to happen now rather than wait for a war to break out; that a majority of Australians don't want Australia to participate in a war with China; and anti war organisers should not fall for the lie that to oppose war with China one must therefore be a supporter of the Chinese government.

You can listen to the individual interview here.

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