Police Repression of Protests || Global Green New Deal

Friday, 8 November 2019 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Friday 08 November 2019

hosted by Jacob and Meghan
7:00am acknowledgement of country, welcome to country
7:02am a discussion of a article from Green Left Weekly on "The Quiet Australian's Morrison's fears" and how australian nationalism is used to repress any form of dissent to the status quo especially in the case of the recent Climate protests. 
7:15am interview with Julia Dehm from the Melbourne Activist Legal Support (MALS) on the policing on the Blockade against the International Mining and Resources Conference and the response of MALS in terms of legal issues that have being raised as a result of the police conduct.

7:31am a discussion of a article from Green Left Weekly on Australia’s Orwellian refugee policy and how we need to stand up for refugee rights.

7:40am a recording of a talk from the Socialism 2019 conference in Chicago a talk by Naomi Klein from the session titled "Care and Repair: The Revolutionary Democratic Power of a Global Green New Deal"
8:00am activist calendar

8:10am a discussion about the significance of the October Revolution in 1917 Russia marking it's anniversary. The revolutionary uprising that saw workers take power for the first time and overthrowing the provisional government.
8:23am a discussion about the upcoming British elections on December 12 that "Change is coming" with the possibility of a Corbyn-led government in the UK.
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