Support for Catalyst social centre and anti festive songs and remembering the Christmas and disaster

Thursday, 15 December 2022 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm

We start with an interview about the new Catalyst Social center.

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We played some songs supporting some collectives in the space

Desert Rat - Food Not Bombs

Formidable Vegetable - Yield Permaculture funk-swing groupd for a changing world.

Some anti festive songs for our last show of the year 

 Jeff Englehart of Article15 - Mary's Abortion

 Assalti Frontali - no religione

TSIGOTI _Children Slaves Make Children_s Toys_

J(E)ssi(E) Willi(A)ms - Plastic Manufacturer

Remembering the tragity of the Christmas Island boat disaster (15 December 2010,) we play some tracks supportig refugees, NO BORDERS NO NATIONS

The-Black-Orchid-String-Band- -Wafatia Pirinei  ( About refugees perilous journey by boat) - West Papuan band members who are refugees and travelled by canoe. 

Freedom by Farhad Bandesh and Anna Liebzeit Kurdish Refugee, freed from  detention by the state and creating music and art. 

Glitter rats -  irrational fear of boats

MIA - Borders

Pussy Riot - Refugees In (at Banksy's Dismaland)