International Sex Worker Rights Day: Give Inglenook the Boot

Thursday, 29 February 2024 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
drawing of a pink stiletto platform boot with a red umbrella & "give Inglenook the boot" written on it, and a seperate drawing of a red umbrella with justice scales hanging on either side of it, and a fox's tail hanging down

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International Sex Worker Rights Day, March 3rd, marks the day in 2001 when more than 25,000 sex workers in India successfully mobilised in mass public demonstrations when the conservative government and sex work prohibitionists tried to shut down the Kolkata Sex Worker Freedom Festival.

This year—on the Whore Intifada takeover of Global Intifada—we pay tribute to the staunch history of International Sex Worker Rights Day by calling on all sex workers and our allies to ‘Give Inglenook the Boot’.

RAM D’A$$ and migrant sex worker advocate Bee examine how mainstream media exploitation, misrepresentation and stigmatisation of Asian migrant sex workers in so-called Australia is directly complicit in the racist targeting and harassment inflicted on the migrant sex worker community by the Australian Border Force under ‘Operation Inglenook’.

Bee reminds us that while sex workers are (rightly) celebrating Vic’s new decrim laws, we should not forget that some groups in our community—including migrant sex workers—are still being targeted, criminalised, and denied basic labour rights.


Track 1: 'ฟ้ารักพ่อ (DILF) Artist: Badmixy
Track 2: Can Do! Artist: Baebi Butter
Track 3: Smaoh Muoy Nung Muoy (We Are Loyal To Each Other) Artist: Messenger Band
Track 4: Ik Ben Een Hoer (i am a whore) Artist: Tedje & De Flikkers (Teddie & the fags)
Track 5: Bye Bye Now Artist: Despo Debby
Track 6: Benedita Artist: Elza Soares
Track 7: Got Dat Work Artist: Memphis Blac & Smokahontas Jones

Thursday 5:00pm to 6:00pm
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Khepa, Stef & Jwala.