Remembering Reza Berati, the death of Captain Cook, remembering Kropotkin and Sophiatown. Palestinian struggle and Kimathi

Thursday, 16 February 2023 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm



Fear like us - Who Killed Reza Berati

Remembering Refugee Reza Berati, died on the 17th Feb 2014 from the states cruel immigration policies and offshore detention. Though this week many are able to apply for permanent residency there are many who are still in ”limbo”


14th Feb the day Captain cook was killed and we celebrate this with these songs.

Ancestress - One by one -

Patapyhsics  fuck captain cook

Uncle Angus Rabbit - Invader Captain Cook


Remembering the Russian anarcho communist Pyotr Kropotkin died on February 8, 1921. He was the author of many important anarchist books including ‘Mutual Aid’ and ‘The conquest of Bread’ 

Militia - Comrade Pyotr Kropotkin

Les Baudouins Morts - Doe De Kropotkin


Songs remembering Sophiatown was a black social and cultural hub in Johannesburg it was destroyed by the South African state after apartheid laws. Evictions began on Feb, 9, 1956, with thousands of well armed cops forcefully removing its residents to Soweto

Marriam Makeba -  Sophiatown Is Gone

Thandi Klaasen - Sophiatown

\With the ongong attack on Palestine, the conitnues struggled and increased brutal attacks including deaths we play songs for the struggle of the Palestinaina people. KEep up to date on


Rafeef Ziadah - _We teach life, sir

Rasha Nahas - The Skies Don't Care



We end the show with a song for Dedan Kimathi, the leader of the Mau Mau Rebellion and guerrilla struggle against British rule in Kenya, who was executed on 18 Feb, 1957

Mikah Njiru and Mugo-The Rise of Dedan Kimathi