Shrine at GECO 30th party
18 Jan 2024
Remembering all the forest defenders (and the forests) we have lost along the way
Fiona and Friends
4 Jan 2024
In this final episode, we discuss the bushfires, blockade at Errinundra, the end to native forest logging and the GECO party.
Fiona and friends
28 Dec 2023
How GECO used citizen science as direct action to protect forests
Fiona and friends
21 Dec 2023
Conversations about all the different ways GECO mobilised people from the city to visit the forests
Fiona and friends
14 Dec 2023
Conversations covering some of the darker moments of GECO’s history,as well as other memorable blockades after Goolengook. WARNING: Today’s episode contains graphic audio of a violent attack, including swearing, which will be upsetting for some listeners.
Fiona and friends
7 Dec 2023
Conversations with Goolengook blockaders from 1997-2000
Fiona and Friends
A group of protesters blocking a road in a forest with a wooden structure.
30 Nov 2023
Conversations with forest activists from the early years of GECO, the Goongerah Environment Centre, in East Gippsland Victoria.
Fiona in conversation with Georgia Snowball, Imelda Eames, Anthony Kelly. Louise Matheson, Marita Wallace, Izzy Brown, Gavan McFadzean, and Zeni Ferntree