Disability Day 2014

Wednesday, 3 December 2014 - 6:00am to 6:30pm
Disability Day 2014

This year 3CR celebrates International Day of People with Disability with 12 hours of disability resistance, culture and pride. We’ll have a Big Bold Breakfast with Phin and Daniel from The Boldness, and disability day shows from Brainwaves, Small Talk, Radical Australia and Refugee Radio. With test pilots for the NDIS, campaigners for accessible transport, environmental activists, refugees and asylum seekers, aid workers and self-advocates, radical women, poets and performers. And join Are You Looking at Me? with live music from the Bearbrass Asylum Orchestra, Heidi Everett, and Slacquer!

Disability Day on 3CR, Wednesday 3 December, 6.30am to 6.30pm.

6.30am - Earth Matters

Welcome to 3CR’s annual all-day broadcast celebrating International Day of People with a Disability!

Earth Matters talks to Birding for All, a UK-based organisation advocating for inclusive access to birdwatching reserves, and to the hard-working Bushlink team in Sydney, bush regeneration workers and educators with disability. Listen Now 12.76MB

7.00am - Big Bold Breakfast

Wakey wakey! It’s The Boldness for Breakfast with Phineas Meere and Daniel Kirby, taking a critical look at disability news and current affairs. We’re previewing the Other Film Festival, talking to human rights advocate Cashelle Dunn about violence against women with disabilities, and finding out what’s happening to improve access to justice for people with disability following the Beyond Doubt report. And we’ll look at what’s on in Victoria for Disability Day 2014! Listen Now 7am -7:30am (13.89MB) Listen Now  7:30-8am (12.67MB) Listen Now 8am - 8:30am (13.98MB)

8.30am - Stick Together

A Disability Day special edition of Stick Together, Australia's only national radio show focusing on industrial, social and workplace issues. Elena Macmaster finds out what’s happened to the 73 vision-impaired workers sacked by Vision Australia in 2013, and talks to Kirsty Wilson from the Association of Employees with Disability Legal Centre about the Federal Court challenge to pay injustice for workers with disabilities under the Business Services Assessment Tool. Listen Now

9.00am -  City Limits

All Aboard!  Kevin Healy and guests discuss public transport from the perspective of disability.  Whether it’s a train, tram, bus or plane, if it’s inaccessible, it’s unacceptable! Listen Now

10.00am - Refugee Radio

People with disability are disproportionately affected by wars and conflict.  Trevor Grant meets Mano and Aye Poe, refugees with disability who share their experiences of civil war and oppression in Sri Lanka and the Thai-Burma border, and their long and difficult journeys to Australia. This program was produced with financial support from the Victorian Multicultural Commission Listen Now

11.00am - Champions of Change

Highlights from the Strengthening Disability Advocacy Conference held in Melbourne, with Graeme InnesMadeleine SobbTina Gulino and Judy Huett  - advocates and activists with lived experience of disability, and all Champions of Change. Listen Now

11.30am - Disability Culture Rap

Cheryl Marie Wade was a US playwright, poet, filmmaker and disability rights activist, and the self-appointed ‘Queen Mother of Gnarly’. Cheryl also made the ground breaking documentary Disability Culture Rap in 2000, with advocacy group Advocating Change Together, and14 years later it’s still a powerful statement of disability power and pride.

12.00pm - Precious Memories

Gilla McGuinness with guests from the Aboriginal Disability Justice Campaign, fighting against the incarceration of people with cognitive impairments, the First People’s Disability Network yarns-up on disability services, and playwright Alexis West, whose play Echoes of Knowing Home about the experience of Aboriginal people with disability removed from their homes and communities was performed by the No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability in 2014. Listen Now

2.00pm -  Are You Looking At Me?

Two hours of live music and conversation from3CR, hosted by Liz Wright, with the Bearbrass Asylum Orchestra, Listen Now , Heidi Everett Listen Now and Slacquer Listen Now.

4.00pm - Radical Australia

Joe Toscano in conversation with Tricia Malowney, a radical woman with disability and a systemic advocate working to improve the lives of others with disability. Tricia wants to change the world, get paid properly for her work, and don’t even think about trying to mug her… (you have to listen for that story…) Listen Now

5.00pm - Brainwaves

Give your neurons something to think about with an action-packed hour from the Brainwaves team and guests, including Indigo Daya from the Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria, Aleisha Carroll from CBM on disability inclusive development, Joel & Helen Fernandes  of the Leprosy Mission Australia, and Dr. Erminia Colucci, from Melbourne University.  Listen Now

6.00pm - Small Talk

Small Talk brings 3CR’s broadcast celebrating International Day of People with a Disability to a close, with news and current affairs affecting short statured people, presented by the Short Statured People of Australia Listen Now

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Welcome to Our World - 3cr's 12 hour broadcast for International Day of People with a Disability.



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