Monday, 6 March 2023 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Climate Displaced people are not refugees. Photo Toda Peace Institute



MARCH 6TH 2023

Produced by Vivien Langford


T H E  C L I M A T E   D I S P O S S E S S E D


Teall Crossen - Author of  The Climate Dispossessed ( Environmental lawyer at 

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Dr Peter Sainsbury - Author of "Sunblock for Planet Earth" and many more articles in the independent Online Journal Peartls and Irritations. Sunblock for Planet Earth (

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Are the climate dispossessed refugees in the eyes of the law?

Teall Crossen, an Environmental Lawyer from Aotearoa NZ, says "No".

She says  "NZ is stealing from the people of the Pacific. We are stealing their land, their homes. their water and possibly we may recolonize their future".


Dr Peter Sainsbury asks "How can we best  reduce GHG emissions? Stop burning coal, eat less meat or block out the sun? He investigates  the latest IEA report and  asks should citizens  bail out the  9,000+ coal burning  commercial generators which are slowing down the transition to clean energy worldwide?


Monday 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Climate change - what's hot and what's not. Find out what is happening in community campaigns around the country, as well as the latest science and the solutions that are available now.


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