AOTEAROA/NZ  - Climate Action beyond Ardern

Monday, 6 February 2023 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Our Listener in Aotearoa.NZ- Rosemary Penwarden Veteran Climate Campaigner


Produced by Vivien Langford

February 6th 2023

 AOTEAROA/NZ  - Climate Action beyond Ardern


When I visited New Zealand before Christmas I was enchanted by its beauty and the friendly welcoming spirit in Dunedin.  I met a regular listener to our podcast and several of the people who are taking constant climate action there. When I told them how impressed I was at the Ardern Labor Governments achievements they told me not to be so starry eyed, that there was a long way to go. 

In fact they are part of the civil society that made offshore oil drilling unacceptable. They stood up against Nuclear armed ships in their ports and I was invited to a Nuclear Free Pacific conference to meet Pacific Leaders (Those interview on February 13th)

Like Australians, New Zealanders are lying down in front of coal trains and lobbying politicians. Indeed as Rosemary Penwarden said the only way you can catch a train the length of the South Island now is if you are a lump of coal. They want to restore passenger rail and get people out of cars. They want the sheer number of livestock to be reduced. Without Ardern's climate leadership on the international stage, NZ may go quiet for a while. They may want to consolidate the framework her government put in place with a  Climate Change Commission, established to advise and monitor progress to Zero Emissions. However, the generation that Ardern listened to will not be deterred.  The people  you will hear in this podcast  are the kind who will accelerate that process and I hope we will hear more from them.

On The Global Stage, Jacinda Ardern Was a Climate Champion, But Victories Were Hard to Come by at Home - Inside Climate News



Rosemary Penwarden - Veteran Climate Campaigner - Keen listener to this podcast! -Activist for Stopping Oil drilling in Otago and Restoring Passenger Rail.

All aboard for disruption | Otago Daily Times Online News (

Oil Free Otago | People of Otago organising to prevent deep sea drilling off our coasts


Jack Brazil -  Community Organiser - Conscientious objector to the Colonial Mindset - defender of Land back to Traditional custodians and ardent climate protector.

(20+) Facebook Live | Facebook Stopping coal used by Powdered Milk Company



Jana Althea - From the School strike4 Climate generation.  Extinction Rebellion and Restore Passenger Rail. Home - Restore Passenger Rail


Alva Feldmeier - Executive Director of 350.Aotearoa350 AOTEAROA

How can we accelerate the uptake of meaningful Climate Action (

Homegrown Energy (

Open Letter to Minister Nash and Minister Shaw (



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