ON THE ROAD TO GLASGOW Episode 3 . Amazon Manifesto

Monday, 18 October 2021 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Indigenous people protecting the Amazon Rainforest at Glasgow

Climate Action Show October 18th 2021

Produced by vivien Langford



"The Earth is not Ours" Amazon Manifesto at Brasilia September 2021



1. Ane Alencar - IPAM Amazônia -

Amazon on Fire : 2019 - YouTube




Free Land Camp 2019 in Brazil

Greenpeace Media Archive


2. Peri Dias -  350.org – Latin America

UK to push plan to ‘halt and reverse global deforestation by 2030’ at Cop26 | Cop26 | The Guardian

AMAZON WATCH » Thousands of Indigenous Women Will March in Brazil This Week

PRIMAVERA INDÍGENA: Acampamento luta pela vida continua - YouTube

The UK’s environment minister, Zac Goldsmith, told a House of Lords committee this week that developing countries urgently needed new funds to keep their forests standing. “We know we need to massively increase finance for nature,” he said. “There are some highly forested, low-deforestation countries we are incredibly grateful to, but we can’t take that for granted, because any change in regime could easily change that equation.


This is the Manifesto of Indigenous Amazonians. "The Earth is not ours" A message for COP26

INDIGENOUS SPRING: permanent mobilization for life and Democracy | APIB (apiboficial.org)


3. Suzette Rodoreda  -  Big Deal Q&A Fundraiser with Craig Reucassel - Victorian Greens

(393) Big Deal - Official Trailer - YouTube -


4. Liz Newell and Jenna Bateman XR Western SydneyDon't NAB Our Future (dontnabourfuture.com)



Music -

Guardioes da Floresta by Wera MC and Jason Tupi. Watch the video to see the beautiful Amazon and its people

 (393) Guardiões da Floresta - Wera MC feat. Jason Tupi e Pedro Karaí [music prod. Joel gv - YouTube


IPAM Amazônia - | “Urban Cities, Countryside and Forest Have Always Been Connected”, Says Matsipaya Txucarramãe


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