Climate Geoengineering Part 2

Monday, 11 October 2021 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Climate Action Radio Show -  October 11 2021


Climate Geoengineering Part 2

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Kay Wennagel



Prof Raymond PierreHumbert

Dr Daniel Harrison 

Julian Lennon song - Saltwater


In Climate Geoengineering Part 1 David Spratt provided a comprehensive understanding of what geoengineeing is all about as well as the geoengineering options.


Fighting global warming by climate engineering: Is the Earth radiation  management and the solar radiation management any option for fighting  climate change? - ScienceDirect

Climate Geoengineering Part 2 delves into more specific issues scientists have with geoengineering options.



Prof PierreHumbert discusses the problems with the climate and solar radiation management. He talks about the carbon reduction as the the way forward in adressing climate change. 




In the second half Dr Daniel Harrison who is the chief scientist in the cloud brightening experiment on the Great Barrier Reef, describes the stages and learnings so far.  As Daniel says this experiment is the first of its kind globally and there is a lot to learn at each stage.

Shading by cloud brightening






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