ONCE YOU KNOW - film makers

Monday, 5 April 2021 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Once You Know film by Emmanuel Cappelin



Produced by Vivien Langford


What happens "once you know" about climate change? Two film makers from TFF show us the "spear in the chest moment", when a person with a platform becomes an activist.

Once you Know

Emmanuel Cappelin had such a moment when he  realised we are heading for collapse. It is a  grenade word. When it explodes in your mind you need to find out what to do, to be transformed or to remain stuck.   He visits Joanna Macey in USA and Dr Saleemul Huq in Bangladesh. These people have been bravely facing the challenges for decades. He looks at Transition Towns, Citizens' assemblies and direct Action through Extinction Rebellion. It is an intellectually provocative discussion. Emmanuel talks about preparing for the "long future". When we are reeling from local climate shocks and shortages how will we maintain democractic and civilised behaviour? What must we save on the way down?


Beyond Zero

Nathan Havey film is  Beyond Zero – A feature length documentary from HaveyPro Cinema (beyondzerofilm.com) It brings us the story of a carpet company called " Interface" whose CEO, Ray Anderson, had a "spear in the chest moment" after reading a book by Paul Hawken. Ray saw that  industry needs to achieve far more than sustainability. It needs to sequester carbon, and prevent future environmental damage. In 2019, "the company officially announced the completion of Mission Zero and introduced the next mission, called Climate Take Back; an aggressive new strategy to sequester carbon in their products and make their factories perform the same functions as forests, sustaining and replenishing the ecosystem." 

Nathan says " You can't mandate a change like that. A cultural transition makes an environmental transformation possible."

We talk about the Green New Deal, Biden's climate action promises and the caring economy. He says we "have to bring more people in to design solutions" and offers his film as a part of any Business Curriculum.

Teach This Story – Beyond Zero (beyondzerofilm.com)

To build a lasting community of workers with a stake in the future here is an online course from Harvard

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If there's a tomorrow 

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