Monday, 28 September 2020 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm




September 28th - Produced by Vivien Langford and Andy Britt


Guests: Craig Reucassel  - Director of the ABC Series Fight for Planet A

Damon Gameau - Director and Producer of the film "2040"

Jess Panegyres - Forest Campaigner and land use solutions expert

Imogen Jubb - Zero Carbon Communities manager for BZE

Aimee Mehan - Climate leader and Hunter Valley entrepreneur

Music by David Rovics - The flames of History


The climate community is working overtime to influence the way  COVID Recovery funds are spent . It's a unique opportunity for  lasting, life enhancing and carbon reducing projects.

It may seem to people outside this community that nothing much is happening, that emissions are still rising.

However, community organisiing such as we saw on the Schoolstrike4climate at over 200 locations here and also globally means that a lot is happening. Quarry Vision is easy. Business as usual is comforting, Grappling with the transition of industries such as agriculture, manufacturing and transport are complex. But two film makers have gone out to find what the best solutions are and are here to discuss them. 

Damon Gameau says " You're watching an energy transition happen but you're also going to see one happen in other industries as well. It's a wonderful time to be alive. Keep up the hope, try to find the good stories. Our media is crowded with the negative stories . Outrage sells. Go beyond that. The hope is in the shadows, where people are doing amazing things."

Jess Panegyres says " We need strong state land clearing laws. We actually know it's worked in the past to bring deforestation right down"

This is a sparkling discussion filled with examples of Zero Carbon Communities leading the way.


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