COVID RECOVERY "Fund our Future" school strike4climate

Monday, 21 September 2020 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm




September 21st 2020

Production : Vivien Langford

Podcasts: Andy Britt

Guests: Daisy Millpark - Schoolstrike4climate

Penny Howard - Maritime Union of Australia

Mark Ogge - The Australia Institute

Extra items : Professor Andrew Blakers ANU in an interview with Fran Kelly ABC/RN  and Greta Thunberg in an interview with Steve Colbert at CBS


COVID Economic Stimulus is a good way to see the difference between  countries serious about climate action and those  giving  public money to  coal oil and gas exploitation. We look at the Green Recovery stimulus in Europe v countries leading the recovery with more climate changing fossil fuels. The Europeans and NZ are leading the way with massive thermal retrofits for social and private  housing.


The most exhilarating voice is a Year 9 student, Daisy Millpark, who tells us how the students are informing themselves beyond the classroom. She has talked  to First Nations people and Nurses Association members on the frontlines of climate change. Hearing their experiences she is confronted by the fact climate change is taking lives. She says that activism can be draining but they are not backing down because of COVID. There is an online rally phone jamming the government at every level.Please keep FRiday 25th September join in.


The school students in Australia are calling on our Government to "Fund our Future not gas" You can join their actions on Friday September 25th wherever you are

The School Strike 4 Climate movement demands no new coal, oil and gas projects, including the Adani mine, 100 per cent renewable energy generation and exports by 2030 and funding to create new jobs for all fossil fuel workers and communities.


Penny Howard tells us why the MUA is actually on the front foot even through many of their members are employed shipping coal , oil and gas or supplying off shoregas wells. They are proud of getting the ball rolling on the jobs of the future and making the transition. They want to look the students in the eye and say we support you. Also the climate movement need to know how the jobs of the future need to be good quality, well protected jobs not like Tony Abbot's Green Army paid less than the minimum wage.

We talk about zero carbon ships on the horizon. Could we manufacture them here?


Penny describes low carbon jobs that reduce emissions from our economy taking care of people instead of damaging them. Her message to the students is that we have to keep organising, despite the pandemic. "Working people are behind you and want investment in public renewable energy."

You can get your union to support this

MUA Campaign

Covid reveals how our supply lines need to be more secure


Mark Ogge and Prof Andrew Blakers talk about going the wrong way with gas.

Mark's research work at TAI is Gas Fired Back fire

He says that Recovery spending would be squandered on giving public money to more gas infrastructure.

How do they get away with paying so little tax and providing so few jobs.?

Mark has found we are virtually giving the resouces away free.

He praises Beyond Zeroi Emissions leading with the vision of how we can make a transition. Green New Deals are taking many countries in the direction of transition. We will actually save money with lower fuel bills, more comfortable housing, less health impacts if we can get away from the carbon club.

"It would provide few jobs and would not bring down energy prices. There are many electrical alternatives to gas for manufacturing that are far cheaper than gas. Covid 19 recovery spending provides a once in a generation opportunity to electrify our manufacturing industry to permanently reduce energy costs. Locking in gas for manufacturing on the basis of a temporary fall in prices will undermine Australian manufacturing for decades to come."

Carbon Brief

Comparison of national relief plans with EU leading on green recovery and laggard who stimul


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