Monday 6th August 2018

Presenter/Producer: Erin Jones

Topic: Electric Vehicles – Commercial Vans & Trucks

Today Erin Jones talks Electric Vehicles – but of the commercial – truck and van variety.

We speak with Tony Fairweather from Sea Electric about the Vans and trucks they are producing using their SEA – Drive Technology for emissions free transport solutions – and hear about the cost savings that can be achieved now by transitioning fleets to EV – and not waiting. This technology can be deployed in both new and retro-fitted to existing vehicles. Be sure to hear Tony present at the BZE Electrifying Industry Summit

Greg McGarvie from ACE- EV is trying to get EV manufacturing off the ground in Australia. They are looking to launch vehicles starting at under $40,000, and will be displaying the first vehicle in AEVA Expo in Brisbane in November.


Tony Fairweather
SEA -Electric
Group Managing Director

Greg McGarvie
Managing Director