BZE Community Radio Show podcast 23 April 2018 covering:

  • The Local Government Climate Review,
  • Bill McKibben’s Accelerate Speaking Tour,
  • Sustainability Victoria on Victorians’ Perception of Climate Change.

We talk to authors of the 2018 Local Government Climate Review, which will be launched at the Resilient Cities Conference in Bonn, Germany this week. The review is a joint initiative between BZE, Ironbark Sustainability and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability.


Imogen Jubb
Beyond Zero Emissions
Zero Carbon Communities Manager


Alexi Lynch
Ironbark Sustainability
Business Manager



We interview Glen Klatovsky, Deputy CEO of Australia, about the upcoming Bill McKibben Accelerate Speaking Tour

Glen Klatovsky
Australia Deputy CEO


Rollingstone: 17 July 2012: Bill McKibben

We talk to Dianna McDonald about the extensive research undertaken by Sustainability Victoria into Victorians’ attitudes to Climate Change and the overwhelming response is that 91% said humans are contributing to climate change; and 78% say that urgent action is needed now.

Dianna McDonald
Sustainability Victoria
Project Lead Social Research: Climate Change Program

Beyond Zero Emissions: Community Radio Show Podcast
Monday 23 April 2018

Producer/Presenter: Erin Jones

Radio 3CR Melbourne