Mon 12th Feb 2018

We meet Dr Bob Brown to talk about restoring the Tarkine Forest to its indigenous custodians and sequestering carbon in its soils. Bob also discussed his case defending the right to protest  logging or mining operations and his win in the High court . This protects the Tarkine defenders in Tasmania but protestors in NSW and other states are still facing draconian penalties like 7 years jail for standing on a road leading into a coal mine!

Deane Belfield talks to us about regenerative agriculture and carbon farming. He represents the Regenerative Australian Farmers. They will host a masterclass on Drawdown with Paul Hawken and are keen to help famers get baseline data on the carbon content of their soil so they can eventually qualify for carbon credits.

Justin Borevitz from ANU is a plant biologist using big data to help farmers regenerate their soils and use fertilisers with more precision. His question is How much soil does your food grow? It’s all about the drawing down of carbon and restoration of a safe climate.

The Electric Vehicles Expo will feature the world’s fastest Motor Bike rider Eva Hakansson. We talk to Rebecca Lee from RevBikes about  quiet motor Bikes, less pollution on the roads and the joys of  active travel.