Mon 11th Dec 2017

BZE radio has spoken often to Christine Milne because she has always been at events to defend the Renewable energy target, the clean energy package and to rid parliament of fossil fuel influence.

Her memoir  shows “how hard it is not to become bitter about the ruthless ” people in power. Even at a time of bereavement  they pressured her to perform.

Her awareness of the urgency of climate action and the difficulty of translating that into enduring legislation are a lesson for those who want system change.

Vivien took the ferry over to Hobart where the retired senator was surrounded by friends.It was  at the launch of “An activist life” in Fullers Bookshop . The atmosphere was warm and full of the laughter  and friendship that underpins action.

We hear Christine in conversation with Tasmanian historian James Boyce.

In the interview that starts this show Christine Milne talks to Vivien about her love of history and Science. She reports that  climate activists now  are facing much harsher penalties than in her day when she was  jailed over the Franklin River campaign.

It is tough in parliament and it is tough pressuring parliament. But it is tougher if you are a forest animal in a logging coupe. It is tougher if you are a child now whose climate will be irreversibly changed. So as Christine says,”I know you will never give up”.


Production- Andy Britt

Interviews- Vivien Langford

Podcasts-Jodie Green and Roger Vize

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