Mon 4th Dec 2017

World Antarctic Day, December 1st- 2017 was celebrated by a huge Marine Protected Area in the Ross Sea coming into force. As the head of International Greenpeace Antarctic Campaign Frida Begtsson said “Healthy oceans take in vast quantities of CO2 and are essential in tackling climate change”
Tonight BZE radio goes to the cryosphere where you will meet scientists and sustainability leaders we can be proud of. You will hear about Katabatic winds,krill, ice cores that show Australian droughts centuries ago and ocean circulation that controls the climate.
After visiting the replica of Mawson’s hut in Hobart, Vivien went past a sculpture of Roald Amundsen and into the epicentre of Antarctic research ACE CRC. It’s near Salamanca Place.
Dr Jan Lieser is a marine glaciologist. His satellite technology helps him advise ships as the summer seasonstarts.. Sea Ice is his speciality as it expands and contracts every year. It doesn’t affect sea level but its great pulse churns the ocean circulation that controls our climate. A film he wants us to watch is called “Chasing Ice”

David Reilly is the public affairs manager at ACE CRC. He talks with pride about the united nations of scientists beavering away in the labs and the benefits of co-operation. Their research can be immediately used by farmers, as a snowfall in Antarctica can predict a drought in W.A. Publications and media outreach have taught him to tell it straight. Climate deniers may cherry pick the data but the scientists’ job is to inform the world in a clear and dependable way.

Corey Peterson is at The University of Tasmania. His interest is more with krill, penguins and the policies that will protect them. He sent Christine Milne two jars of deep Antarctic water to remind her that climate change may be happening out of sight but her battles for enlightened climate policies in parliament were appreciated. He feels that Governments mostly follow, so it up to this generation of Antarctic scientists, ecologists and students in every sector to show them what has to be done. MUSIC tonight thanks to Kristin Rule and her cello pieces from The Knife that cuts a tear and Tiny Tim for The Icebergs are melting !

Production- Andy Britt

Interviews- Vivien Langford

Podcasts-Jodie Green and Roger Vize

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