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Monday, 27 November 2017 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Mon 27th Nov 2017

If Marco Polo returned from China today he’d be telling barely credible stories of wind turbines with livestock grazing beneath them.
Australians coming back from Europe tell the same stories, with the kicker that Australia itself is sitting on a FABULOUS wind resource.
If we could think BIG wouldn’t we be able to hurry to 100% and then beyond?. So why all the delays?
We wanted to find out how the wind industry is going here. It has been in the doldrums with the wrong signals coming out of Canberra but the Clean Energy Council says there is $5.2billion worth of projects with secure finance and ready to go.
We will talk to Andrew Bray from the Australian Wind Alliance for the big picture. We will then go back to 2012 when Viv interviewed a farmer called Paul Reardon . Many listeners told us they liked what he had to say about drought proofing his farm by hosting a few turbines. This meant that he could cut down the number of sheep he was grazing and re vegetate some of the land.
We decided to call Paul again this year and hear what happened next at Boorowa.
Finally we will talk to Charlie Prell who is with Farmers for Climate Action, about the “Crookwell 2” project. This includes turbines on his farm, a neighbour benefit sharing agreement and a Community Enhancement Fund. Their energy will even light up Parliament house as the ACT government has contracted to take the energy they supply.

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