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Monday, 6 November 2017 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Mon 6th Nov 2017

What lessons can we learn from  Bangladesh?

The 2017 floods in the north of Bangladesh coincided with over half a million refugees staggering in from Myanmar in the east.

India has built a security fence with armed guards around its border with Bangladesh. But despite being on the frontline, this country is NOT intending to create climate refugees.

Vivien learns how Bangladesh is adapting. Tom Bamforth from Red Cross/Red Crescent has recently been there.  Climate Scientist Dr Saleemul Huq is on skype from Dhaka at the International Centre for Climate Change and Development. He is a beacon of adaptation expertise and humanity.

He will inspire you with what a country rich in community spirit is doing. He says to  us “We  don’t want your money, we want your empathy”.

Australia’s  task is to see the victims of our emissions. As he says , continuing carbon exports and carbon pollution is “not a victimless crime” and the climate criminals must pay. Of course emergency aid is needed,  but the ball is in our court to rapidly decarbonise.

We can also co operate at the  Bonn Climate COP in November to compensate front line countries for the unbearable loss and damage they are dealing with.

Rob Roggema is Professor of Sustainable Urban Environments at UTS in Sydney. Dutch expertise is much in demand among low lying countries like Bangladesh. He will tell us how  to go with nature, letting the rivers flood, saving the water in city reservoirs and building to prevent damage.

This encouraging show will help us rebuild our civil society and remember we have choices, going under is not inevitable.

Tom Bamforth   –   Red Cross/ Red Crescent
Dr Saleemul Huq-  International Centre for Climate Change and Development

Professor Rob Roggema – UTS- Sustainable Urban Environments

Vivien Langford – Interviews
Andy Britt-       Production
Jodie Green and Roger Vize -Podcasts
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