This show will be broadcast on Mon 20th Feb 2017

We talk to Katerina Gaita (CEO of Climate for Change), who hopes they will have talked to 500,000 Australians by next year and has had interest in the model of community building from Singapore and Canada.

Carol Ride is a Psychologist (Psychology for a Safe Climate) who is fortifying those who are already active but weighed down by the frustration and heaviness of knowing how fast we are moving towards irreversible tipping points.
Scott Lewington is a musician from The Same Boat. Their show Adios Adani! (A musical protest and fundraiser) will give the proceeds to the Wangan & Jagalingou people whose land is where Adani wants to mine. 
They have taken them to court and need our support.
Main Image: Canadian Tar Sands Healing Walk – Aboriginal elders lead procession under a banner reading “Stop the Destruction Start the Healing”. Along the way they stopped to pray for the land’s healing with offerings of tobacco, water and song. (image credit: Laura Whitney)
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