Beyond the Bars 2013

Monday, 8 July 2013 - 9:00am to Friday, 12 July 2013 - 5:00pm
Beyond The Bars 2013

Beyond the Bars is a 3CR community project designed to give indigenous prisoners a voice. Encompassing music and spoken word workshops facilitated by indigenous presenters from 3CR, the project then culminates in six radio shows broadcast live from regional Victorian prisons during NAIDOC Week 8-12 July.

Beyond the Bars connects indigenous prisoners to the wider community and is a remarkable radio event that gives voice to the experience of indigenous inmates serving time in Victorian prisons.

For local singer/songwriter and one of the founders of the project, Kutcha Edwards, the broadcasts are an important way to give voice to indigenous prisoners. “Why is it that Australia’s indigenous peoples are the most imprisoned people per capita in the world? To hear the answers to that question, you need to tune in to Beyond the Bars.”

Beyond the Bars is Australia’s only live prison broadcast and this year involves over 100 men, women and young people from the inside, sharing stories, songs, opinions and poems from within the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre, Barwon Prison, Fulham Correctional Centre, Marngoneet Correctional Centre, Loddon Prison and Port Phillip Prison.

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Beyond the Bars receives financial support from the Community Broadcasting Foundation, the City of Melbourne, the Victoria Law Foundation and Corrections Victoria, Department of Justice.



Mon 8 July 11am-2pm – Dame Phyllis Frost Centre (Deer Park)

Tue 9 July 11am-2pm – Barwon Prison (Lara, near Geelong)

Wed 10 July 10am-12 – Fulham Corrections Centre (near Sale, Gippsland)

Wed 10 July 12-2pm – Loddon Prison (Castlemaine)

Thu 11 July 12-4pm – Port Phillip Prison (Laverton)

Fri 12 July 11am-2pm – Marngoneet Correction Centre (Lara, near Geelong)



1. Introduction to Beyond the Bars - Gilla McGuiness

2. Between Black And White - Kylie

3. Babies In Prison - Mooney

4. Loss Of A Mother - Margaret

5. Gone But Not Forgotten - Margaret

6. Losing Good Ones - Patricia

7. Only Three - Kelly

8. My Best Friends Daughter - Kelly

9.Raising Boys - Bianca

10. Get My Son Back - Kerrin

11. Ten Little Fingers - by Kerrin read by Flo

12. Kangan Tafe - Belinda

13.Was It Worth It? - Kerrin

14.To Troy From Mooney - read by Flo

15. Thanks For Coming In - Erica

16. DPFC Cheerios

17. Down City Streets - group song from DPFC

18. Institutionalised - Travis

19. Come Home - Travis

20. Connecting To Family - Reese

21 Education - Midnight

22 Barwon Cheerios

23 Goodbye - group song from Barwon

24 So Precious, So Innocent - James

25 In Cuffs - James

26 Shane's Song - Shane on Guitar, James on Dig

27 My Dad - Robert

28 Latchie Latchie Land - Jason

29 Wayne's story - Wayne

30 For My Brothers Inside - Aaron

31 A Job Waiting - Craig

32 To All The Young Ones - Jason

33 Loddon Cheerios



01 One Last Time - Geoff

02 A Better Man - Coogs

03 Remembering Jody - James

04 In Their Hearts - Bowie

05 I Pray - Troy

06 Being Brown - Mick

07 In The System - Mick

08 A New Start - Wado

09 Fulham Cheerios

10 Dig Song - Nigel

11 I'm Sorry - Kelvin

12 Only Misery Owns Me Now - Kelvin

13 Barriers - Chris and Ron

14 Robbie's Song - Robbie

15 Sitting In Jail - Jarvid

16 Look Back On My Past - Bradley

17 Falling Away - Syd

18 Marngoneet Cheerios

19 Every Day Life Struggles - Mr Morgs

20 Finding Culture - Jason

21 Man In The Glass - Jason

22 My Grandfather - Laurence

23 Prison Changes A Man - Rocket

24 2am Wake Up - Sam

26 Port Phillip Prison - Cheerios

27 My Island Home - Bear


Beyond the Bars
Thursday 2:00pm to 3:30pm
Beyond the Bars is a unique series of live prison radio broadcasts that give voice to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inmates in Victorian prisons. The broadcasts are presented by 3CR's First Nations broadcasters during NAIDOC* Week (July). Beyond the Bars began in 2002 and each year it features songs, stories, opinions and poems from the men and women inside, while also connecting them with culture and community. *National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee



Beyond the Bars 2024

6 Jun 2024
During NAIDOC Week 8-12 July we bring you the voices of First Nations people across the Victorian prison system.

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Beyond the Bars 2022

30 Jun 2022
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20 Years on the Inside

30 Aug 2021
A podcast series hosted by Vickie Roach and Kutcha Edwards reflecting on 20 years of the Beyond the Bars prison radio broadcasts.