Beyond the Bars 2021

Thursday, 10 June 2021 - 3:03pm
Beyond the Bars 2021 - 5-9 July

Beyond the Bars broadcasts from six Victorian prisons during NAIDOC Week 5-9 July 2021. The broadcasts can be heard on 3CR 855AM, 3CR Digital, or streaming live. Previous years are available to listen to anytime online. Beyond the Bars receives financial support from the Community Broadcasting Foundation, the Koori Justice Unit and Corrections Victoria at the Department of Justice and Regulation, and the City of Yarra. 

Beyond the Bars broadcast dates
Mon 5 July 11am-2pm – Dame Phyllis Frost Centre (Deer Park)
Tue 6 July 11am-2pm – Barwon Prison (Lara, near Geelong)
Wed 7 July 11-1pm – Fulham Correctional Centre (near Sale, Gippsland)
Wed 7 July 1-3pm – Loddon Prison (Castlemaine)
Thu 8 July 11-2pm – Marngoneet Correctional Centre (Lara, near Geelong)
Fri 9 July 11am-1pm – Port Phillip Prison (Laverton)


Monday 5 July, 11-2pm, Dame Phyllis Frost Centre


Tuesday 6 July 11am-2pm – Barwon Prison


Wednesday 7 July 11-1pm – Fulham Correctional Centre 


Wednesday 7 July 1-3pm – Loddon Prison 


Thursday 8 July 11-3pm – Marngoneet Correctional Centre 


Friday 9 July 11am-1pm – Port Phillip Prison

Thursday 2:00pm to 3:30pm
Beyond the Bars is a unique series of live prison radio broadcasts that give voice to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inmates in Victorian prisons. The broadcasts are presented by 3CR's First Nations broadcasters during NAIDOC* Week (July). Beyond the Bars began in 2002 and each year it features songs, stories, opinions and poems from the men and women inside, while also connecting them with culture and community. *National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee



20 Years on the Inside

30 Aug 2021
A podcast series hosted by Vickie Roach and Kutcha Edwards reflecting on 20 years of the Beyond the Bars prison radio broadcasts.

Beyond the Bars 2021

10 Jun 2021
Despite the ongoing challenges of COVID-19 restrictions Beyond the Bars 2021 looks to broadcast from across six Victorian jails. Tune in 5-9 July to hear from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women on the inside.

Beyond the Bars 2020

24 Jun 2020
We didn't bring you our usual live prison broadcasts for Beyond the Bars in 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions. BUT 3CR Indigenous broadcasters recorded messages, cheerios, poems, stories, raps and short interviews with some of the inmates over the phone at the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre, Loddon/Middleton Prison, Barwon Prison, Karreenga Annex and Fulham Correctional Centre.

Beyond the Bars 2019

25 Jun 2019
Giving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inmates a voice during NAIDOC Week with live radio from the inside.