Liberation Loops - Episode 2

Monday, 23 March 2020 - 2:00pm to 2:30pm

Photo credit: Dương Ocean Đặng [Image description: woman wearing a floral jacket is facing the camera with her hand under her chin.] 

In Episode 2, Carly converses with Dương Ocean Đặng about pod mapping. Ocean is a Vietnamese settler, therapist, supervisor and facilitator living and working on Jagera and Turrbal country. Trained as a social worker and narrative therapist, and brought up through prison abolition and anti-violence organising, Ocean has spent the last several years working to articulate the connection between collective liberation and personal transformation through political education and counselling. Guiding and grounding her work is a commitment to supporting people to respond to trauma and violence in a context of safety, dignity and social justice. This episode discusses the importance of preparing for crisis situations and challenges us to broaden our ideas about consent within our interpersonal relationships. 

You can follow Ocean Đặngs work here:


Facebook: Healing and Justice

Instagram: @healingandjustice 

The Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective created the term and resources for pod mapping. You can find out more about pod mapping here:

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