A man wearuing a t-shirt with a logo that says Good Cycles, is wearing headphones and sitting in the 3CR studio. He is smiling at the camera.
27 Nov 2023
Faith Hunter, Val Nagle, Adam Lana.
20 Nov 2023
Anthony Aisenberg, Chris Star
A young woman faces the camera wearing a headset. She has long brown hair and is smiling..
13 Nov 2023
Faith Hunter, Val Nagle and Tia Evans
A young man wearing a headset does a thumbs up to the camera in the studio at 3CR
30 Oct 2023
Faith Hunter, Tommy Quick, Val Nagle
Critical Mass North: Spooky Edition, 5.30pm, Friday 27 October 2023 @ State Library, naarm Melbourne
23 Oct 2023
Chris Star, Sally Moxham, Ruth Jelley
16 Oct 2023
Faith and Val
Jonathan O'Brien from YIMBY Melbourne at 3CR
9 Oct 2023
Jonathan O'Brien, Chris Star
2 Oct 2023
Val and Jack Dunstan