Helping to recycle bicycles @ Brainwave Bikes, Dingley Village
17 Jul 2023
Kieran McMahon, Chris Star
Annie Keynes sits in the 3CR studio
26 Jun 2023
Faith Hunter, Val Nagle, Annie Keynes
Image credit: Project Flock
19 Jun 2023
Marie Penny, Tim Ottaway, Chris Star
Val, Steve and Chris, half of the original YarraBUG Radio crew that started way back in 2008 on 3CR Community Radio
12 Jun 2023
Val Nagle, Steve Barnett, Chris Star
Supporters of Kerferd Road bike lane gathering on the median of Kerferd Road, May 2023. Image: Michael Hossen
22 May 2023
Julie Clutterbuck, Chris Star
15 May 2023
Faith and Val, Jeremy Lawrence