Talking to Dr Lauren Pearson about gendered barriers to cycling

Monday, 3 April 2023 - 10:00am to 10:30am
Dr Lauren Pearson in the 3CR studio

After a Jane Jacobs quote and respective bike moments including new rail trails, Vancouver cycling infrastructure and truck pollution, Faith and Val chat to Dr Lauren Pearson about her research on gendered barriers to cycling, including Adults’ self-reported barriers and enablers to riding a bike for transport, Barriers and enablers of bike riding for transport and recreational purposes in Australia and What a girl wants: A mixed-methods study of gender differences in the barriers to and enablers of riding a bike in Australia.

Also see The Conversation: How to get more women on bikes? Better biking infrastructure, designed by women, ABC: Limited escape routes on new Melbourne bike path a safety risk to women, cyclists say and Treehugger: Biggest Barrier to Biking Is the Fear of Cars

Lauren discusses how lack of inclusivity, adequate planning and lack of safe seperated infrastructure influences how women perceive if they will ride a bicycle, as well as impacting upon mens participation

News includes recent Paris referendum on e-scooters, Victorian Road safety inquiry calls for submissions, War on Cars podcast: Feminist City with Leslie Kern and Conspiracy





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