Supporting the Gig Workers Hub

Monday, 12 February 2024 - 10:00am to 10:30am
Gig Workers Hub, currently located at 227-229 Bourke Street, Melbourne. Image: Gig Workers Hub instagram

On this weeks program Chris chats to Davis Clayton from the Gig Workers Hub currently based at Micro-labs, 227-229 Bourke Street, Melbourne. Davis talks about being a food delivery worker, how the Gig Workers Hub was created, outreach, facilities avaliable for delivery workers, the recent rise of the gig economy, how apps, literally running on autopilot, control how people work and pitfalls like hours of unpaid downtime, examples like Milkrun for living wage, recent developments like Closing Loopholes Act included in FairWork, Transport Workers Union delivery workers campaigns, despite being opposed to City of Melbourne protected cycle lanes

Please support their current GoFundMe fundraiser: Keep gig workers employed at the Gig Workers' Hub to help the hub move to a new location.

Local news includes the first Critical Mass for 2024, travelling to Footscray Road on Friday 23 February, organised by BikeWest, Kidical Mass Melbourne and Joseph Road Precinct Action Group, meeting 5.30pm at the State Library on Swanston

"Cyclists of the west have put up with a lot of unsafe crap over the past year due to the construction of the West Gate “Tunnel”. We are gonna take out some of our frustration by massing up and heading down Footscray or Dynon Road"

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