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Monday, 16 October 2023 - 10:00am to 10:30am

Val and Faith make it to the studio, riding through at least three seasons to get to the station this morning. After sharing our bike moments, we take a look at some local news including; Tommy Quick is due to finish his epic 4points ride after riding over 9000kms to the four points of Australia to raise awareness and funding about young stroke. Tommy will be riding into Footscray on Sunday October 22nd. And Ride to Work Day is coming up again on Wednesday October 18th. You can check out Bicycle Network's activities here or check with your local council and bike shops for what's happening in your neighbourhood. We also take a look at the news that Australian Standards are revising the standards for car parking spaces to accomodate the ever larger cars that people are buying. 

We take a look at two new-ish books. The first, Inclusive Transportation by Veronica Davies is sub-titled A manifesto for repairing divided communities and looks at the inequities inherent in the way transport planners of the past have carried out their work and how these can be addressed into the future. If you'd like to find out more about it you can listen to an interview with the author here.  

The second book, Traffication. How cars destroy nature and what we can do about it is by Paul Donald and examines the impact of cars on the natural world around us. Described as "doing for road traffic what Silent Spring did for agrochemicals " Traffication examines the pervasivness with which roads impact wildflife in subtle and unpredicatble ways. You can also listen to an interview on The War on Cars with the author here. 

We finish the show with a reminder that Critical Mass goes North on Friday October 27th! Full details here. 



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