Framework Designs & a RAR Gear Library!

Monday, 13 November 2023 - 10:00am to 10:30am
A young woman faces the camera wearing a headset. She has long brown hair and is smiling..

Faith and Val are joined in the studio by Tia Evans of Framework Designs. We all share our bike moments before moving on to talk about Tia's business Framework Designs, making handcrafted cycling bags for both commuting and bikepacking. After five years growing her business Tia has just moved to a new wharehouse in Fairfield and enjoys one of the most pictureqque commutes possible in the middle of a big city. Tia is also hosting the new Radical Adevnture Riders Australia Gear Library at her wharehouse. The RAR Australia Gear Library aims to address the inaccessibility of bikepacking amongst BIPOC, women, queer, trans, and nonbinary riders. If you have bikepacking gear you can donate check the guide for whats needed, what can't be donated and how and where to drop off your donation. 

And while we didn't have time to mention it live on air, don't forget that the next Critical Mass is coming up on Friday November 24th and will highlight the need for protected bike lanes on Johnstone Street (as well as celebrating twenty-eight years of Critical Mass in Melbourne) . You can sign the petition for protected bike lanes on Johnstone Street here: Protected Bike Lanes for Johnstone Street. 

Yarra Bicycle Users Group Radio on 3CR
Monday 10:00am to 10:30am
Yarra Bicycle Users Group promotes urban cycling. Providing support to campaigns to improve cycling conditions and awareness; demystifies cycling technology and helps to reveal the diversity of cyclists, from children to commuters to lobbyists.


Chris, Faith, Val and Steve