David Margetts & the return of bike lane guy

Monday, 31 July 2023 - 10:00am to 10:30am
The further adventures of bike lane guy. Screenshot: Let's Ride Melbourne

On this weeks program Chris chats to David Margetts about changing his career to becoming an actor, kicking off with the bike lane guy character for Let's Ride Melbourne, his observations about Melbourne riding conditions, a little bit about the so-called 'pause' to Melbourne Council infrastructure program in June 2022 and overall efforts towards making cycling more safer and fun.

Local news includes Safer Walking and Riding for Murray Road Community Survey, Yarra Council Road Safety Study in Alphington, Micromobility Report: Tasmania Leads Australia in E-bike Purchasing Incentives, Gipps Street steps are no more and new speed limits for Brunswick Street and St Georges Road, Fitzroy North after community pressure.

Program music

Sleepy Dreamers: Bike Song

Bonobo: Cirrus

filous: Bicycle feat. klei

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