Bicycle Network's e-Bike moment

Monday, 13 May 2024 - 10:00am to 10:30am
Alison McCormack in the studio at 3CR

Faith and Val are joined in the studio on a glorious autumn monring by Alsion McCormack, CEO of Bicycle Network. 

We all share our bike moments before taking a look at some recent news including: Bicycle Network's changed position on Australia helmet laws, a Moonee BUG campaign to improve the movement of riders and pedestrians at Flemington Station and the last chance to speak at the City of Port Phillip meeting in support of the Inkerman Street protected bike lanes. 

Alison fills us in on the campaign Bicycle Network are running to advocate for better support for people wanting to buy e-bikes from all three tiers of government. The campaign was launched last month with an eBike Expo that saw hundreds of people testing out ebikes of all shapes and sizes. Ebikes have the capacity to transform how people move around, all while providing cost-of-living relief, significant health benefits and improving road safety and congestion. We talk about some of the subsidies that already exist in Australia and how listeners can get involved. You can also download a booklet with all the facts and figures here


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