Cycling in Melbournes inner north & east

Monday, 6 December 2021 - 10:00am to 10:30am

On this weeks program it's back to basics with examining Yarra cycling conditions. Chris interviews Karen Hovenga and David Balding about their cycling observations of Melbournes inner east & north, including changing infrastructure(Gipps Street), off road trails (Capital City Trail), seperated cycling lanes, (Elizabeth Street trial, Park Street contraflow, Heidelberg Road trial, Brunswick Street) getting started, planning routes, ebikes, getting more bicycle parking, City of Melbournes seperated lanes and barriers including bluestone surfaces, inconsistent speed limits, lack of east to west routes.

News includes CityLab: U.S. Cities Test Effects of ‘Universal Basic Mobility’ and Shonen Knife celebrating 40 years of bicycles, wanting to be a cat, candy & punk rock

Yarra Bicycle Users Group Radio on 3CR
Monday 10:00am to 10:30am
Yarra Bicycle Users Group promotes urban cycling. Providing support to campaigns to improve cycling conditions and awareness; demystifies cycling technology and helps to reveal the diversity of cyclists, from children to commuters to lobbyists.


Chris, Faith, Val and Steve