Catching up at the Handmade Bicycle Show

Monday, 29 April 2019 - 10:00am to 10:30am

Val and Faith are joined in the studio this morning by the effervescent Michael Mascarel of Masca Frameworks and Evan Howard of Terra Rosa Gear, just the thing for a grey Monday morning! We all share our bicycle moments before taking a look at some local news inclusing the tragic and avoidable death of Damion Drapac on Anzac Day. We mention a couple of recent promises from both the Labor and Liberal Parties in the current election campaign, in particular promises to fund CCTV and other effort with respect to the safety of cyclists and other users on the Kew Boulevard, and funding pedged towards one of many sorely-needed links in Moreland for active transport. 

Talk turns to the Handmade Bicycle Show over the weekend, not only a brilliant place to drool over bicycles but also to catch up with others in the making and biking communities, both local, interstate and international. Evan and Michael share their highlights of the show, and the community they have discovered there and how making things makes them happy, including some thoughts on their favourite tools. 

We finish up with a reminder about the early bird registrations for Melburn Roobaix opening this weekend, regular Neighbourly Rides and Bikes and Beer at Brunswick Velodrome. 

Monday 10:00am to 10:30am
Yarra Bicycle Users Group promotes urban cycling. Providing support to campaigns to improve cycling conditions and awareness; demystifies cycling technology and helps to reveal the diversity of cyclists, from children to commuters to lobbyists.


Chris, Faith, Val and Steve